25 Destruction filled levels
Reclaim your 5 mystical relics
Collect treasure to spend on spells and upgrades
Restore peace in the HoverRealms
Rescue peasants and defeat the Druid Horch

Dawn of Magloryx companion Comic

The Dawn of Magloryx companion comic offers a glimpse into the history of Magloryx the dragon and the enemies he must fight.

Look for secret codes within the comic to unlock more of the dragon Magloryx’s incredible power!

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I can shoot buildings, trolls, archers, and more in this digital downloadable titlefamilyfriendlygaming
Well designed levels which the player can access and view from many angles in order to experience them in all of their glory,brashgames.co.uk

Available September 22, 2016

ratingsymbol_e10Fantasy Violence

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